Hasan Boğuldu
  • 24.05.2019
  • Erpey Ferah Otel

Hasan Boğuldu

The Legend of Hasan Boğdür is one of the most important stories of Mount Ida.

Hasan and Emine- A Love Story
Emine, the beautiful daughter of Beyoba Village on the summit of the Kaz Mountains; He made a living by bringing the products he produced such as milk, honey, cheese and butter to the market after a five-hour walking distance from the mountain and bringing them to the market. Likewise, handsome Hasan from the Ova Village sells vegetables and fruits in the same market. Emine and Hasan meet at this market and fall in love with each other. The legend of Hasan Boğdür begins like this.

Great Love of Hasan
Hasan and Emine decide to marry to end their great longing for each other. Emine's family opposes this Karaka because the groom-to-be grew up in the plain. They think that Hasan cannot stand the nomad life. The sad part of the Hasan Boğdür story is thus added to the legend.

Hasan's Heavy Exam
Seeing that the two young people are determined to marry each other, the family requires Hasan to pass a test to test his strength. If they can take a forty kilogram (or forty okka ~ 60 kilogram) sack of salt on its back to the oba near the summit of Kazdağları, which is five hours away; She will be allowed to marry Emine.

Forty Kilo Sack
Hasan, who took the road with Emine by carrying the forty kilograms of salt sack, began to slow down and get tired after five or six kilometers, and his knees also loosened. Hasan, a young man of the plain, cannot bear the load because he grew up away from gentle and heavy work. It stays piled where it is.

Emine, unaware of everything, thinks that her lover is behind her and continues to walk. When he arrives in the village, unable to see the man he loves behind him, he turns back and starts looking for him. When he sees the manuscript he gave to Hasan swimming in the pond, he thinks that he is drowned and commits suicide by hanging himself on a plane tree.

Plane, Emine Plane, whose branches extend over time to the pond where Hasan drowned; The pond, on the other hand, is called Hasan Boğdür pond and carries the traces of that immortal love to the present day.

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