Touristic Places in Burhaniye
  • 16.04.2019
  • Erpey Ferah Otel

Touristic Places in Burhaniye

Oren District

 All recognized in Turkey, Burhaniye's famous leisure and entertainment center. It is the most popular place in the district worth visiting and living.

Iskele District

Iskele Mahallesi, where the biggest marina of the Gulf region is located, looks like a beautiful fishing village. It has a distinctive feature with its fish restaurants and tea gardens on the shore.

Teachers' Quarter

 It has a clean and natural beach as well as hotel, motels and pensions, tourist accommodation, entertainment, shopping facilities.

Seklik Tepe Pine Grove

3 km from the district center. The distance from Seklik pine grove is a peaceful promenade with its clean air, nature covered with pine and olive trees and abundant water resources.

Footed Country Garden

Behind the Ören hill, on the Ören-Akçay coastal road, Ayaklı country garden is a pleasant promenade with its modern arrangement.

Taylıeli District

7 km from the district center. 1.5 km from Iskele district. Our neighborhood, which is at a distance, is worth seeing with its panoramic view covering a large part of the gulf area as well as its importance in the history of Burhaniye. It is an ideal promenade with its nature covered with pine and olive trees and its abundant water.

Murat Cesme

2 km from the Iskele neighborhood. It is a pleasant place with its clean sea, water and beautiful nature.